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We deliver all over the world


Products: Arctic Char, Cod Loins, Haddock Fillets, Redfish Fillets, Salmon Fillets.

We are always looking for new partners and retailers.

Do you want to import or sell high quality seafood? 

Our products

​Delivering Icelandic seafood to your table - fresh or frozen

Our vision is to offer fresh and first-class frozen Icelandic seafood in a handy and classy packaging that can be accessed in supermarkets at any time.

With the 'skin pack' packaging we achieve these goals as the fish stays fresher as no oxygen or bacteria enters the packaging and the density persists.

Thus we can ensure maximum quality and freshness.

The life span of the seafood in our packs stays up to 12 days.

To make sure the seafood is of the highest quality and taste we only freeze our frozen fish once - just after filleting and packaging.



We understand the need for safe food of high quality.

Use our QR-code to follow the journey of the fish.


  • See where the fish is caught - and by which vessel

  • See where the fish i filleted, frozen and packed

  • See which ship or flight transports your fish from Iceland  

  • See where the fish enters your country

  • See how the fish is transported to a supermarket near you

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Get in touch

Do you want to sell our seafood? Share your thoughts about our products? Or something else?

Don't hesitate ... get in touch!

Valdís Fjölnisdóttir, CEO
You can always give us a call us on +354-519-64-20 
or email us at


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Tlf: +354-519-64-20


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